Documentary Evidence of Nuclear Pollution


Now while not Fundamentally against Nuclear Power, Current designed reactors are not closed loop and their very operation is akin to a pressure cooker letting off steam. Further to this the waste created is beyond engineered disposal.

The same Chernobyl situation where the latency between exposure and illness years later is denied officially is happening in Japan. Chernobyl there are proper recognized studies by professors show the continuingĀ  ill health effects.

Both the real horror of Chernobyl reactor 4 capable of thermal explosion had Valeri legasov not decided to drain basement under reactor number 4 of water. If there had been a thermal explosion it would have taken other reactors with it.

While Employees were blamed, the control rods carbon tips had previously caused reactor damage at Ignalina Nuclear Power Station.

I also express concern that while the popular belief JapaneseĀ  generators were damaged, the real problem was the water pumps were destroyed- even if the generators were operational the water pumps were damaged as satellite pictures show.

By luck more Nuclear Power Plants didn’t melt down in Japan and while media attention has moved on- the damaged reactors are far from stable.