Documentary Evidence of Nuclear Pollution


So after lots of scientific documents from respected government groups that show without a doubt licenced emissions find themselves in the food chain and inside people-

  • The public are not given simple easy to understand information on exposure risks from eating food contaminated with man made radionuclide’s
  • Exposure and ill health risks are known and presented by CERRIE commissioned by the government- yet no simple information is publicly available to allow informed choice
  • When population exposure is known there is no routine monitoring and testing that would indicate individual dose and any blood chemistry or genetic effects it had produced
  • It has been known that the people on Benbicula and other places in the UK with high Chernobyl fallout would suffer increased ill health and they have not been given information to allow informed choice .

MP Parliamentary question we knew would be ignored and this is the reply I received so far from ONR

Thank you for your e-mail dated 26 November 2012.   Colleagues have provided the following.
We neither believe that our previous reply to you (16 November) is factually incorrect nor that the documentation you quote proves that the official line is untenable.  Given ONR’s regulatory role, to prepare a detailed response in relation to the various documents you have quoted – which essentially deal with the background to requirements that the UK must implement under the Euratom Treaty, would not be the best use of ONR resources.  So while we stand by our previous response to you, and do not
accept that our line is untenable, we do not propose to send you a detailed response.
Kind regards
L Hesketh
Lynne HeskethONR – Parliamentary Business TeamDesk 15, 4S.3 Redgrave Court,
Merton Road, Bootle L20 7HS

Office for Nuclear Regulation
An agency of HSE

My Reply Back

Dear Lynne Hesketh,
The ONR position is already clearly untenable, Government documentation comprehensively shows the effects are known and recognized in qualified documentation backed up officially by government recognized experts.

While denial may buy time, the fact remains a paper trail exists showing the scientific understanding is known and bioassay blood testing as recommended hasn’t been implemented.
Current radioactive inventory emission tracking for aerial fall out and tidal dispersion is clearly defective and frankly criminal with 1960’s style recording that clearly doesn’t provide the clarity that is available when DU fall out from Iraq shock and awe campaign can be detected in uk air.

This then brings us on to the second point, does the state underwrite private companies liabilities for releasing emissions that are known to cause ill health- kindly provide the Statute that covers this, as I’m sure that as growing awareness occurs people will instigate private proceedings on the basis that the evidence is known and there are scientific tests that can show the person has been effected.

I will of course be discussing your previous response with Tessa Munt MP and considering further action in regards to what has clearly been officially recognized and at the same time is dismissed out of hand by the ONR.

Hinkley Point and Chromosomic instability testing -The Next Asbestos Type Claim


Further update the pdf below shows that critical groups are Farmers, Fisherman and people walking both ways of perimeter path.


 Chromosome analysis using spectral karyotyping (SKY)


Spectral karyotyping is a novel technique for chromosome analysis that has been developed based on the approach of the fluorescence in situ hybridization technique. Spectral karyotyping makes it feasible to diagnose a variety of diseases, because of its technology in painting each of the 24 human chromosomes with different colors. In recent years, it has become possible to adopt the usage of spectral karyotyping for research in general clinical practice, and its usability has attracted particular attention in the diagnosis of different diseases. In this review, we will explain the principle of the spectral karyotyping, as well as its specificity and limitation in detecting the genetic defects within clinical application this by presenting two case reports.

Henry Heng of Wayne State University conducted the S.K.Y. test on radiation patients and showed chromosome abnormalities below the normal ability of standardised tests; Pushing the boundary of the ability to monitor populations for cancer.

Gulf War Syndrome Research Opens Up New Ground – A Discovery Channel project finding that five Gulf War Vets exhibited rates of chromosomal damage similar to those found in people with birth defects and cancer prompted the DOD to fund a $900,000 study.

internet references:

Unstable At the Core? NCF Funds Cutting-Edge ME/CFS Gene … – Cached

16 Apr 2012 … Dr. Henry Heng has been > evolving a unique theory of ‘genomic … birth defects and=20 cancer prompted the DOD to fund a $900=2C000 study. … Check out a Discovery Channel video on Heng’s preliminary findings in Gulf War Vets …

Spectral karyotyping (SKY)
Spectral karyotyping (SKY) of mouse meiotic chromosomes.
Henry H.Q. Heng Guo Liu Wei Lu Steve Bremer=2C Christine J. Ye Mark HughesC and Peter Moens

Heng Laboratory @ Wayne State University > – Cached

Aug 2011 … But Henry Heng Ph.D. associate professor in the Center for collection of genes arranged by chromosome composition and Comparison of mitotic cell death by chromosome fragmentation

19 Oct 2010… W Bremer=2C1 Christine J Ye and Henry H Heng corresponding author Chromosome fragmentation is a major form of mitotic cell death.



So the test is available to detect variations at very low levels to provide proof that the Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment(CERRIE) concerns about ICRP dose inaccuracies based on mathematical models of Japanese atomic bomb survivors with regards to internal emitters.

The aim is to establish as we already know radioactive emissions attribute to increased ill health risks that

  • Current tolerability mathematical models to nuclear emissions are defective
  • There is no scientific reason why health screening for accumulative effects can’t be monitored
  • We know Chernobyl wind patterns did not provide uniform exposure radially from reactor 4 therefore it would be reasonable to expect emissions from Hinkley to disperse in a non uniform manner.

 Routine Testing

Currently there are no routine genetic testing procedures in UK and many other countries follow a similar situation.

The following benefits would be available and a database could be built over time to indicate disposition to future illness:-

  • Private Medical Care could use the genetic testing to risk assess clients and monitor risk over time.
  • Instead of looking at direct illness it may be possible to correlate risk prior to occurrence as database evolves.
  • Double edged sword of testing for proof of less risk individuals V proving that there is genomic damage caused by environmental damage-hence governments lack of interest due to current “Licenced Emissions”

While governments can deny all they like Gamma Spectrometry is becoming more affordable and easier for the public to access



with a Scintillation Crystal, laptop and some free software the identification of radionuclide pollution is becoming something that will be beyond denial.

If I had the kit I would be personally investigating sediment and air samples on filter paper similar to the study below