Documentary Evidence of Nuclear Pollution

Hinkley C

Hinkley point / Hinkley C Routine Emissions -Burnham On Sea

After enduring years of routine radioactive emissions that the HSE admit in published documents cause ill health and hereditary dna damage passed to future generations. We still have two sides:-

  • Those who welcome a trojan horse on the back of jobs and CO¬≤ reduction
  • Those in theatrical outfits warning against nuclear power

While the anti nuclear lobby have found elevated radionuclide in the surrounding areas, it is no surprise as the power station operators themselves publish stack emission data.

We need to get past the simplistic lies that Geiger counters standing on top of the nuclear reactor read zero, they either to insensitive or have been zeroed to exclude background radiation that is naturally occurring.

Further to this there isn’t enough information currently on the fallout from routine emissions and if we look at the weather patterns introducing fallout variables with Chernobyl it becomes obvious at the inadequacy of current testing regime.

Gamma Spectroscopy  radionuclide identification has never been more affordable, further to this the ill health effects of radio and chemically toxic internal emitters are well recognised .

Gamma spectroscopy,high volume air monitoring and de novo gene mutation/specteral Karyotyping should be routine in at least those groups identified by EDF as in the acute group.